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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scroo Yu

Today's news: The government of Turkey asked Israel to sent to a Turkish court the name of the Israeli commando chief involved in the Marmara incident. Here is his name: Scroo Yu (he is a Chinese worker from We Wan).


Monday, May 09, 2011

ADL Abe Foxman has got to go!

Glen Beck criticizes Jewish orthodox George Soros for being an Anti-semite, who harms Israel in his old age like he harmed Jews when he was young during the Nazi era. Abe Foxman defends George Soros, excusing his anti-semitic behavior.

Glen Beck is honored by Netanyahu in Jerusalem. George Soros has no friends in Israel. He and Chomsky are alone!

The problem with the ADL is that it is suppose to expose Anti-semites, but it leaves that "mitzva" to a Gentile- to expose Jews who do harm to the Jewish people! The time has come for Jews who love Israel and the Jewish people to kick out (and have the guts to kick ass) Jews and Jewish organizations that protect bad Jews who harm us in the name of freedom and beliefs.

Boycott the ADL until Abe Foxman is kicked out by the ADL Board! Let George Soros the billionaire hire the Fox(man) to guard the chicken coop rather than roast good Christians. Jews that harm Israel or the Jewish people must be kicked out!


Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Nephilim

They were discovered recently in Greece. They were the titans who lived a 1,000 years who interbred with Neanderthal women of earth who lived a 100 years. The results were Adam who lived 930 years, Shet 912, Enosh 905, Kaiman 910, Mahalalel 895, Yered 962, Hanoch 365, Metushelah 969, Lemech 777, and Noach 500! This is the truth but no one believes it because humans have lost their origin!


They finally found the giants!

In Genesis 6:4 the Bible says, "There were giants on the Earth in those days when the fallen angels (aliens) had union with earth women (Neanderthals)." Recently archaeologists found the skeletons of these giants in Greece. I contacted archaeologists over the years about this fact, but no one takes what I write on this blog seriously. I have the scientific evidence how it happened but I am afraid that human culture has lost its soul. No one wants to know our origin and where we are going.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Psychic investing - even Uri Geller doesn't..

Never give your money to invest by people who claim to know the future, PERIOD! There are people who know how to talk and they can sell you anything. Don't feel bad if you got taken ones. You are not stupid, naive, or anything. You are human. But, don't be taken for a ride again by anybody. Learn behavioral finances, the program that says, "Show me your track record as analyzed and certified by registered independent qualified observers and I may listen to you." There is a thing called "Executive ESP" but whether you heard of it or not, don't chase rainbows or butterflies. Wealth accumulation is a function of learning what works and doesn't work, including intuition. Most people can recognize a winning program in anything only if they work hard and seriously to master it, which is about one person out of ten. The other nine have to follow a winner to make it.


Monday, January 04, 2010

Alien visitation: Alpha Centauri or Zeta Reticuli?

Elior Kinarthy January 4 at 1:20pm
Hey Tracy, thanks for introducing me to David Anderson. One never knows what comes out of new avant-garde associations. I was once introduced to Stanton Friedman, the UFO physicist, and we had a 'heated' exchange of literature and opinion. As a parapsychologist I researched the probability that alien visitation originating from a planet I named Poseidia on Alpha Centauri B, for a book I was writing at the time (still do). As an astrophysicist, Stanton vehemently disagreed with my mythological (and bio-astronomical) assertion that Alpha Centauri had a habitable planet very different from his researched planet on Zeta Reticuli. I claimed that Poseidia was a planet smaller than earth, had a faster orbit around its star but had a slower rotation on its axis. That allowed me to estimate what its inhabitants would look like and how long they would live when visiting earth. We ended the 'heated' debate with his aliens at about the size of ET, and mine - nephilim!

I will explain my findings to the public if people show interest in astropsychology as much as they are interested in astrophysics!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

A psychic Riddle.

"Life is riddled with psychic riddles of deception." What does it mean? Share yours (has to be 'psychic' on this blog because on my other blogs and on Twitter and Facebook it is not).


Saturday, December 12, 2009

S6:The Origin of Humanity.

Segment 7: I was the second of three brothers who came to Earth to propagate it. My story started years ago on a planet you Earthlings later called the Krypton ‘dying’ planet. We were trained to predict the future, albeit not perfect, but we could do enough of it to avert messing up the propagation process. Your future depended on our success. I was not the main ‘propagator.’ That pleasure was given to my oldest brother who was very tall, athletic, blond and handsome. We landed on a paradise island the size of a small continent named later after my nephew Atlas (TBC).